APHA  Black/Brown Tobiano Stallion
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This is the first time Kelly's Easter Jet has sired a foal with "Dot" as we call her, but it won't be the last!  We really like this colt and he may be homozygous for the tobiano gene.  He is really stout and good sized and he will get bigger and stouter.  He has that nice Kelly personality and with his build and mellow attitude, he should just go any way you want. including being a great stud prospect.  His two year old half brother (Jack) is alsreay 15 hands tall.
Kelly's Easter Jet
Chester Jet
Easy Jet Too.
Easy Kate
Easter Dot
Evil Eye
Wakaras Easter )AQHA)
Dirt On My Frosting
Skipprem Bracket
Lana H Moon (AQHA)
Stormy Chatter (AQHA)
Brown Five (AQHA)
Dalton's Travler
Blue Teardrop (AQHA)
Travling Teardrop
Evil Eye
Tinky Sugar Bar
Steed Tam (AQHA)
Big Bits Bar (AQHA)
Painted Misfit
Pokey Rebel (AQHA)
Steed Babe (AQHA).
Easy Jet (AQHA)
Indian Musict.
Easy Jet (AQHA)
Tobiano Rose
Tinky Sugar Bar
Steed Tam (AQHA)
Stellar Feller (QH)
VooDoo Easter )QH)
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