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This page was last updated: July 22, 2007
I must confess that when Dusty was a foal, I was so curious about his true color, I wanted to see him grow up.  Now I know he is a very pretty chestnut with flaxen mane and tail.  However I will not be at all unhappy if I still own him by next year, because we think he will be an excellent riding gelding.  He is well muscled and athletic, friendly with a good attitude and seems like he is doing fine with his growing and keeping up with the rest of the yearlings.  Fancy's foals are calm, intelligent and we really like their conformation.  I think most have matured around 14.3 to 15 hands and I hear really good things about the ones we have sold, how easy they are to train, etc.
Photo July of 2007
Above photos taken July of 2007