Dixie's Social Gambler
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If you are looking for a show filly, this could be the one for you.  She has many performers in her background, her dam has been shown, her maternal grand dam, Gambling Dixie, has been shown extensively and her great grand sire, Gambling Man, was an extremely versatile performer.  Her great grand dam, Dixie's Doll was also the dam of Dix's War Drm, famous in his day in the show ring.  So it's in her blood!  Sas, as we acall her, is high white with two blue eyes.  However, she has palomino color around both eyes and does not seem to have any problems.  On her left side, you can see her only color is a spot around her eye and some on her left ear.  She has a little more on her right side.  She was long and lanky as a youngster, but has really filled out in the last few months.  Her dam is just over 15 and I expect she will be, too.  Lots of really great performers top and bottom, if you can get past her white!  But she should throw palominos and buckskins ( her dam is a bay) once you are done with the show ring.  A really nice filly for the money.
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